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Page Trucking Showmanship and Rodeo

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Page Trucking will be hosting a truck show and Rodeo on August 15th and 16th!  August 15th will be your opportunity to showcase your truck and speak with multiple vendors onsite. Free chicken BBQ on Friday for all who attend.   August 16th we will test your driving skills with 4 challenge courses. Free T-shirt for all entrants.   Great prizes for the top 3 winners each day!!  Many different activties planned both days, come share the day with your fello drivers and enjoy!!  If you would like to register please contact Pam Steele at or at 1-800-233-2126 ext 226 or Nancy Hart at or at ext. 258.  Looking forward to hearing from you, don’t wait registration is limited!

Please check back for updates!!


Page Trucking isn't just a trucking company, we are a family; and just like any family we care about our employees, our customers, our owner operators and our community. Our business runs on well connected, happy people.



Page Trucking takes every measure possible to care for our earth. We power many of our onsite corporate services by solar power; and what we don't use we give back to the grid. Click here to view our solar panel usage


We may be a national company, but we sure do love our local community. That's why we maintain ourselves as responsible members of the community by aiding local charities and youth organizations all year round!

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Page Trucking has been a company fueled by our employees and owner operators since 1977. It is very important to us that they are happy when they come to work and their livelihoods are protected.