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Page Material Management is your all inclusive material management resource. Born from the transportation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and by-products; the company is designed to be an all in one warehousing, sorting, bricking, baling and trans-loading operation. Our onsite and management personnel have decades of expertise in developing individualized product management solutions. We pride ourselves in a hands on approach to understanding your needs and developing a value added product in a cost effective environment.

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Our customers needs range in a multitude of configurations. Racked, palletized, loose and segregated; we provide clean, dry, accessible storage options to accommodate your specific needs. Our facilities are certified and meet audit requirements for fortune 500 companies. Our facilities are strategically located logistically to provide economic value throughout North America.


Whether your need is the isolation of one metal from another or the separation of different alloys from the same metal family; we possess the skill and technology to revolutionize the way your organization manages material. By looking to maximize each individual streams value, reduce waste and deliver on spec alloys in a just in time setting to your plant, we take the concept of closed loop recycling to the next level.

Bailing / Bricking:

In a cost conscious environment, transporting loose material inhibits max load weight and eliminates cost saving opportunities. Our baling and bricking solutions optimize freight costs, storage capacity and receipt of the material into plants not equipped to manage loose bulk materials.


Mastering the marriage of multiple modes of transportation is key for all members of the supply chain. Our solutions embrace the value added in intermodal, seaway and trucking operations to provide the ultimate mechanism for both cost savings and time efficiency.


Exit 40 is the most comprehensive truck sales and repair service hub in CNY. From frame repair and engine work, to new tires and inspection, we have a full service shop that will keep your wheels on the road.


24 Hour
Roadside Repair

Our in-house and over-the-road repair services can come to your aid in CNY 24-hours a day. Just give us a call 1-800233-2126 and we'll be there.


Our mechanics can fully maintain your truck whether you need fluids, tires, engine repair, cleaning, structural repair or just about anything else.


Our frame bay is equipped to handle all sizes of trucks and can repair structural damages to your truck and provide maintenance to keep your rig on the road.