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We couldn't talk about who we are without talking about who brought us here. Dan and I are second generation owners and sixth generation business owners in Cayuga County. Originally our family was in farming, commodity trading and trucking.

Our father, Keith, started the trucking business (Keith Titus Corporation) by way of a roadside repair business. Originally moving agricultural products he built the business one relationship at a time. He eventually acquired Page Transportation and Page E.T.C., Inc which are our two primary transporting companies and the branding that is most commonly recognized in the market. In the late 90s when he passed away he had approximately 250 trucks and was generating about $36M in revenue annually.

Several years passed with different leadership and support while our mother tried to keep the company doors open. Her lawyers told her to close the company and sell the assets in 2003 when things had gotten pretty bleak. She ignored that advice and invested every dollar to her name to keep the company doors open.


Dan joined the company in 2005 and for several years he toiled to grow sales one customer and one truck at a time. He had to be resourceful; utilize every piece of equipment, refurbish and repurpose everything the company owned with wheels and re-establish Page’s reputation as a bulk dense commodity hauler. He had to regain trust, re-establish competencies, close pending lawsuits and unsuccessful acquisitions and bring a bank back to the table. With the support of both new and long standing employees the company was back on the right track.

I came to the company in 2008. We had our first break-even year since my dad died. Dispatchers and drivers were taking advantage of every opportunity while working to provide competitive programs behind the scenes. Our company was continuing to grow and continuously adding equipment, hard working employees and operators to support the sales growth. We stepped in post bankruptcy with Aleris and captured a big opportunity, locked in contracts with residual waste customers, had our first three M&A activities and began to see explosive growth.


Today we have acquired two more trucking companies, purchased over 200 new trailers & trucks, become the largest molten metal hauler in the Northeast, launched and successfully placed Page Material Management in the market, placed specialty loading equipment, onsite personnel and increased the size of our compliance, human resource and accounting departments. We regularly review processes and policies to ensure we are providing the best service to our customers, opportunities and support to our operators and a balanced and rewarding work experience for our employees.


Dan is the President and driving force behind the sales growth in this company. He travels regularly to customers, carriers, conventions, trade shows and onsite facilities. Through this travel and his extensive network throughout the supply chain he is regularly creating new opportunity, developing and maintaining existing relationships and refining current services to bring more value to all of the stakeholders.

Dan is married to Wendy and they live in Jordan, NY. Dan has four children; Sophia, Keith, Ellis and Marcy. His oldest was born in 2001 and his youngest was born in 2009. Dan went to Ithaca College where he got his business degree. He coaches youth football, enjoys time on the lake with his kids tubing and completed building his forever home in 2018 where he keeps his classic car.


I am the CFO and handle 'back of house' operations. I am trained and licensed as a certified public accountant and began my tenure with Page as the controller. I am passionate about having the best and most effective systems to support our operations team. I believe in the power of software and data and am constantly working to ensure everyone in the organization has the necessary resources, training and ultimately data to ensure we're all pulling in the same direction towards common goals.

I live in Baldwinsville with my two daughters; Olive and Eleanor. The girls were born in 2015 and 2017. I went to Cornell and Syracuse University and still enjoying the occasional teaching opportunity on campus. I enjoy spending time on the same lake as Dan but my girls aren't quite old enough to tube yet. I also enjoy family vacations to Disney, zoos and playgrounds.


Both Dan and I are blessed to have a long history in the community and we try to pay it back in multiple ways. First and foremost we support our employees, operators and their families. Ensuring they have our support in time of need helps ease those stressful times and we believe is critical to a successful community here at Page. We also work to support youth athletics and cancer research. Youth athletics cross ages and regions. We donate to various athletic organizations, non-profit youth organizations and other kid activities. It's hard work keeping these programs going and we believe in doing our part. Cancer research has been on our radar for the last five years. Everyone in our organization has been directly affected and this aligns with our business model; operating and responding to today's opportunities and challenges while also planning for the future.

Truly Dan and I are blessed to have the opportunity to own Page Trucking and do the work we do everyday.

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